Sika Acrylic Sealant


Premium Acrylic Joint & Gap Sealant

Premium, flexible, water based joint and gap sealant. Good flexibility and durable, sandable and paintable.

Colour: White


Technical Data Sheet

Premium Acrylic Joint & Gap Sealant

Description Sika Acrylic is a flexible, one component, water based acrylic joint sealant and gap filler where low demand of elongation are required, for interior use.

Uses Sika Acrylic is suitable for sealing low movement joints around brick, concrete, plasterboard, windows, doors, ceramic tiles and filling of cracks prior to painting. Sika Acrylic adheres to glass, wood, aluminium, brick, concrete, plasterboard, ceramic and painted surfaces.

• Excellent adhesion to most building materials.

• Water clean-up of uncured sealant.

• Can be sanded back once fully cured if required to give smooth surface finish.

• Can be painted over using water based paints.

• Non-toxic.

Storage and Shelf Life Stored in the original sealed packaging at temperatures of between 0oC and 30oC, this product is sensitive to frost and must be kept in tightly closed packaging. The shelf life is about 12 months when stored in a cool and dry place.

Instructions for Use

Surface Preparation All surfaces to be sealed or filled must be clean, dry (no standing water) and free from dust and other foreign matter that may affect adhesion.

Priming The joint surfaces must be clean and free from dust, rust and grease. Tar and bitumen substrates reduce the bonding ability of this product.

In order to improve the bonding ability to strongly absorbing porous surfaces, such as stone, concrete, plasterwork, these surfaces should first be primed with a diluted sealant (1 volume of Sikaå¨ Acrylic sealant to 3-5 volumes of water) until the primer is completely dry).

Cut the nozzle on an angle to the width of the gap to be filled. Gun the sealant into the gap keeping the flow of material ahead of the nozzle. Clean away any excess sealant with a damp cloth immediately. Cured sealant can be sanded back to a smooth finish if required.

Cleaning Uncured sealant can be cleaned from tools etc. with water. Cured sealant can only be removed mechanically.