Epirez 133


General Purpose Epoxy Mortar Binder (133) is a multi-purpose epoxy binder suitable for a wide variety of applications. This multi-purpose capability allows construction sites and maintenance teams to stock one product and still solve many problems.
General Purpose Epoxy Mortar Binder (133) is a two part epoxy liquid which when combined with aggregate (graded sand) produces concretes and mortars exhibiting excellent adhesion, high compressive and tensile strength and exceptional resistance to the entry of water and other causes of concrete cancer.
As an epoxy binder, General Purpose Epoxy Mortar Binder (133) provides low mix viscosity and hydrophobic characteristics (bonds to wet surfaces) making it ideally suited to applications requiring superior bond strength, excellent adhesion and fast into service time on most construction materials.

Meets AS/NZS 4020:2005 for contact with potable water.

Please ensure you order Epirez products carefully, returns will require you to return at your own expense and a restocking fee of 30% of total Epirez order value will be deducted upon refund.

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